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Deleting Lots of Records with Delete Queries
• TheFieldrowcontainsthenameofthefieldthatcontainsdatathat
you want to append to another table.
• TheTablerowcontainsthenameofthetablethatcontainsthedata.
• TheAppendTorowcontainsthenameofthefieldthatthedatawill
be appended to.
• NofieldappearsmorethanonceintheAppendTorow.
6. Click the Run button to run the append query.
Access tells you that you’re about to append rows and that you won’t be
able to undo the changes.
Be careful about running this query. If you run it twice, you append the
records twice!
7. Click the Yes button to run the query.
Access adds the records to the table you specified. Now you have the
same information in two tables.
8. Save the query by pressing Ctrl+S if you think you’ll use it again;
otherwise, close it without saving.
Consider changing it back to a select query if you want to save it so that
it doesn’t get run accidentally.
9. Check your results.
Book III
Chapter 3
Check the table you appended to as well as the table you appended from
to make sure that Access copied all the records you wanted to copy.
Deleting Lots of Records with Delete Queries
A delete query deletes whole records from tables, usually based on criteria
you provide (although you can also use delete queries to delete all records
in a table while keeping the field and table properties intact). Delete queries
are dangerous because they permanently delete data from the tables in your
database. Obviously, delete queries are powerful and should be treated with
Always make sure that you have a backup before you run a delete query.
You may want to back up the whole database or just the tables affected by
the delete query.
Because delete queries can wreak such havoc with your database, you may
want to consider deleting records manually. You can delete a record by
selecting it (click the record selector, which is the gray box to the left of the
record) and pressing Delete or by clicking the Delete Record button on the
toolbar. You can select a group of records by clicking the first record
selector and dragging to the last in the group, or by selecting the first record and
then Shift+clicking the last in the group. You can use this procedure in a
table or some queries.
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