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Using the Crosstab Query Wizard
Figure 4-2:
Choose the
table or
query that
the fields
you want to
use in the
4. In the new window that appears, shown in Figure 4-3, select the
field(s) whose values you want to use as row headings and then
click Next.
Book III
Chapter 4
Figure 4-3:
the field(s)
the data
used as
the row
headings for
the Crosstab
You can select up to three fields to fine-tune the breakdown of your
data. As you select fields, the sample at the bottom changes to reflect
how your finished query will look.
Generally, the fields you select as row and column headings contain
repeated data that is grouped in the Crosstab query. The ProductID
field, for example, comes from the Order Details table and identifies
products in each order. The Crosstab query can show you how many
times a product is ordered or how many units of each product are sold.
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