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Modifying a Crosstab Query
Figure 4-8:
shows sales
by product
and month.
12. Click the View button to view your new Crosstab query.
You may want to edit your query design or make some of the
modifications described in the next section.
Modifying a Crosstab Query
After you figure out the basics of creating a Crosstab query — choosing
fields for the row headings, column headings, and the Value field, and then
specifying how the data is aggregated — you may want to do any of the
following to add more to the query design.
Using criteria
You can include criteria to narrow the data aggregated in a Crosstab query.
You add criteria in the design grid to the fields used for row headings and
column headings, but not to the field used for values. If you want to specify
a criterion for the value field, you can put the field in the query a second
time, set its Total row to the Group By option, leave the Crosstab row option
blank, and define the criteria. Using the same method, you can add any field
to the design grid and define criteria; just leave the Crosstab row blank.
Using multiple fields for row headings
You can use more than one field for row headings. The resulting Crosstab
query groups rows by using both fields. Figure 4-9 shows hours grouped by
company and project.
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