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Modifying a Crosstab Query
You can add aggregate columns to a Crosstab query. These columns are
added as row headings and appear by default as the first columns after the
actual row headings. If you include row sums in a Crosstab query, a
calculated column is automatically created as a row heading that uses the Sum
option in the Total row. You may want to calculate other values by using
other aggregate functions.
Getting data in order
By default, Access sorts column and row headings in alphabetical or
numerical order, but you can fix your Crosstab query to appear in any specified
order in one of two ways:
Move columns manually in Datasheet view.
a. Click the column heading to select the column.
b. Drag the column heading to its new position.
Specify the sort order in the property sheet for the query.
a. Click anywhere in the column in Design view, which contains the
column heading.
b. Display the property sheet by clicking the Property Sheet button on the
Design tab of the Ribbon.
c. Type the headings in order in the Column Headings property, using
quotes around the headings and separating headings with commas, as
shown in Figure 4-11.
Be sure to use the data as it appears on the datasheet.
Figure 4-11:
Use the
property to
list column
headings in
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