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Making and Using a Form
Making and Using a Form
The easiest way to create a form is to let Access create it for you. (Why work
when a program can do the work instead?) In this section, we show you how
to make a form so that you can see how it looks in Layout view, how to save
it, and how to display a record in a form.
Before you can create a form, of course, you must have a database open that
contains at least one table. To illustrate the making and using of a form, we
use the database described in Book II.
Making the easiest possible form with the Form button
Follow these steps to make and save a new form:
1. In the Navigation Pane, select the table or query that contains the
records that you want to view or edit in the form.
If you want to work with the records in your Address Book table, for
example, select it in the list of tables in the Navigation Pane.
2. Click the Form button in the Forms group on the Create tab of the
You don’t have a lot of options — none, actually — but you get a usable
form with no waiting. You see a form that displays all the fields in one
record of your table or query, as shown in Figure 1-1. Access gives the
form the same name as the table or query that you selected in Step 1
(unless you already have a form with that name).
Book IV
Chapter 1
Figure 1-1:
whips up
a form that
one record
at a time
and shows
the form in
Layout view.
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