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Creating Forms with Wizards
Table 1-2 Using the Keyboard to Move in a Form
To Move Here in a Form . . .
Press This Key or Key Combination
Following field
Tab, Enter, or
Previous field
Shift+Tab or
First field of current record
Last field of current record
Main form
New record
Ctrl++ (plus sign)
You can cut and paste, search, and filter your records just as though you
were working in Datasheet view, as described in Book II, Chapter 3. To select
an entire record, click the record selector (the vertical strip at the left edge
of the window). You can cut and paste a record from another table into
your form as long as the field names match. For all the fields with matching
names, Access pastes the data into the correct field on the form.
Access saves the current record when you move on to another record.
You can also save what you’ve typed so far by pressing Ctrl+S or by
clicking the File button on the Ribbon and choosing Save. Even easier, just click
the Save button on the Quick Access toolbar; the button looks like a vintage
floppy disk.
Creating Forms with Wizards
The Form button made you a form, but it may not be the kind of form you
want. You have lots of ways to arrange fields on a form, and the form that
Access made may not be what you had in mind. Before you give up and make
a form from scratch in Design or Layout view, give the Form Wizard and the
More Forms button a try.
Wizard, make me a form!
The Form Wizard lets you choose which fields to include and the order in
which the fields are placed. This wizard is especially useful if you want to
create a form that includes data from more than one table or query. The
wizard can create subforms for you and even apply formatting to make the
form look a little less vanilla. The Form Wizard can be a great way to get
started with a complex form; you may not like the exact appearance of the
finished form, but it works and has all the fields you want. When the wizard
finishes, you can make all the changes you want in Layout or Design view.
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