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Creating Forms with Wizards
Follow these steps to create a form with the Form Wizard:
1. In the Navigation Pane, click the Form Wizard button in the Forms
group on the Create tab of the Ribbon.
You see the Form Wizard dialog box, which looks like Figure 1-2.
Figure 1-2:
The Form
steps you
through the
process of
creating a
new form.
2. From the Tables/Queries drop-down menu, choose the first table or
query for which you want to include fields.
Choose the table or query from which the form gets the data to display
or edit.
3. In the Available Fields list, select the fields that you want to appear on
the form, and move them to the Selected Fields list by double-clicking
them or by selecting them and then clicking the right-arrow button (>).
The order doesn’t matter. If you decide that you don’t want a field after
all, double-click it in the Selected Fields list — or select the field and click
the left-arrow button (<) — to move it back to the Available Fields list.
Book IV
Chapter 1
4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to choose fields from other tables or queries.
The additional tables or queries have to be related to the first table or
queries. Otherwise, Access asks you to use the Relationships window to
create relationships, and you have to start the wizard over. See Book II,
Chapter 6 for information on creating relationships between tables.
5. When all the fields that you want to display in the form appear in the
Selected Fields list, click the Next button.
The next Form Wizard window appears.
If you selected fields from only one table or query, skip to Step 9.
Otherwise, the Form Wizard asks how you want to view your data, as
shown in Figure 1-3.
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