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Configuring the Whole Form or Report
Reports have additional properties and sections, which are described in
Book V, Chapter 1.
Follow these steps to display the properties that apply to the whole form
or report:
1. Open the form (or report) in Layout or Design view.
2. If the property sheet isn’t already open, open it.
To do so, click the Property Sheet button in the Tools group on the
Design tab of the Ribbon, or right-click anywhere in the form and choose
Form Properties from the contextual menu.
You see the properties of whatever object is selected: the entire form,
a section of the form, or an individual control. Figure 1-7 shows what a
property sheet looks like when the entire form is selected.
Figure 1-7:
A property
sheet can
show the
of an entire
form or
report (as
here), a
section of
a form or
report, or
a single
3. To see the properties for the entire form or report, make sure that the
Selection Type drop-down menu at the top of the property sheet is set
to Form.
If you’re looking at Design view, you can click the small box in the
topleft corner of the form, where the two rulers intersect.
The property sheet lists the properties in several categories (Format,
Data, Event, and Other), each on its own tab, or you can click the All tab
to see all the properties.
In addition to showing you the form properties, the property sheet enables
you to change their settings. The next few sections of this chapter describe
properties that you may want to change.
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