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Storing Your Forms and Reports
You can display the form or report at any time; click its name in the Forms
or Reports list in the Navigation Pane. If you want to change the design some
more, right-click the name and choose Layout View from the contextual menu.
Managing forms and reports
You can rename, delete, and copy forms and reports from the Navigation
Pane, too. To rename one, click its name, press F2, edit the name in the little
box that appears, and press Enter. To delete it, select the name, and press
the Delete key. To make a copy of the form or report design, click its name,
press Ctrl+C, press Ctrl+V, and type a name for the new form or report.
Importing forms and reports from other databases
What if you create a terrific form or report in one database and want to use
the same one in another database? You can import a form or report from
another Access database by following these steps:
1. Click the Access button in the Import & Link group on the External
Data tab of the Ribbon.
You see the Get External Data – Access Database dialog box, shown in
Figure 1-9.
2. Browse for or type the filename of the Access database.
3. Select the radio button labeled Import Tables, Queries, Forms,
Reports, Macros, and Modules into the Current Database.
4. Click OK.
You see the Import Objects dialog box, shown in Figure 1-10.
Book IV
Chapter 1
Figure 1-9:
You can
import a
form or
report from
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