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Storing Your Forms and Reports
Figure 1-10:
The Import
dialog box.
5. Click the Forms tab or the Reports tab, depending on what you want
to import.
6. Choose the form(s) or report(s) you want to import.
You can select a group of items by clicking the first one and
Shift+clicking the last. You can add a form or report to the ones you’ve
already selected by Ctrl+clicking it.
7. Click OK.
Access copies the forms or reports from the other database into the
current database. If you already have an object of the same type with the
same name, Access adds 1 to the end of the name.
Printing forms
Forms aren’t designed to be printed — reports are the Access objects that
give you the most printing and formatting options — but you can print them
anyway. Don’t just click the File tab on the Ribbon and choose Print when
you’re using a form in Form view, however. If you do, Access prints the
form for every single record in the table or query, not just the record you’re
One method of printing the form for just the current record is to apply a
filter to select only the current record and then click the Print button. Be
sure to remove the filter before trying to move to any other records.
Book II, Chapter 3 explains how to create, apply, and remove a filter. Chapter
3 of this minibook describes how to create a command button on your form
that prints just the current record.
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