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Taking Control of Your Form or Report
Form and report design tips
Keep the following design tips in mind so that
you can create perfect (or at least tasteful)
Make sure that the Snap to Grid feature is
turned on. This feature tells Access to make
all the edges of your controls line up with
the grid that appears in Design view, which
makes your form or report look neater.
To turn this feature on, open the report in
Design view, click the Size/Space button in
the Sizing & Ordering group on the Arrange
tab of the Ribbon, and see whether the Snap
to Grid button appears to be selected in the
Control Layout group. If its icon doesn’t have
an orange box around it, it’s not selected,
and the feature is turned off. Click Snap to
Grid to turn the feature on.
Before you make any big changes to your
form or report, save it (by clicking Save
on the File tab of the Ribbon or pressing
Ctrl+S). If you want to be double-sure,
click Save As on the File tab of the Ribbon
to save it with a different name (such as
Members Test), and fool around with the
big change you’re planning to make on
the copy. Either way, if you don’t like the
results, close the modified version without
saving it.
If you make a change and are instantly
sorry, press Ctrl+Z or click Undo (the
button with the curvy backward arrow) on
the Quick Access toolbar to reverse your
change. Whew!
If you used an earlier version of Access, this menu of buttons is what the
Toolbox window turned into.
Figure 2-3:
If your
Ribbon isn’t
long enough
(and whose
is?), click
the Controls
button on
the Design
tab to see
the buttons
for creating
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