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Making Controls That Display Text, Numbers, and Dates
To make a label, follow these steps:
1. Click the Label button in the Controls group on the Design tab of the
2. Click the form to create a tiny text box for your label.
Don’t worry — you can always move and resize it later.
3. In the property sheet for the Label control, in the space to the right
of the Caption property, type the text that you want to appear in the
label; then press Enter to tell Access that you’re done typing.
Your form looks something like Figure 2-5. When you place the cursor
on the right edge of the box that forms the border of the control, it turns
into a double-headed arrow. Hold down the mouse button and drag
the right border so that it shows the entire text of the label. If you want
more than one line of text to appear in the label box, press Ctrl+Enter to
start a new line.
4. To edit any text that you entered, click the label control once to select
it; then click it again or press F2 to edit the text.
5. Press Enter when your edits are complete, or press the Esc key to
cancel editing.
To change the font, size, or color of the label, see “Choosing Fonts, Colors,
and Other Decorative Touches,” later in this chapter.
Figure 2-5:
label, text
box, and
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