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Making Controls That Display Text, Numbers, and Dates
Adding hyperlink controls
You can make a special kind of label that consists of a web address (hyper-
link) that you click to display a web page. This kind of label may be nice if
you want to provide helpful information about using the form on a website.
Instead of clicking the Label button, click the Hyperlink button in the
Controls group on the Design tab of the Ribbon; then click the form in the
location where you want to place the Hyperlink control. The Insert Hyperlink
dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 2-6. Type the text that you want to
appear on your form in the Text to Display box, type the web address in the
Address box, and click OK. (You don’t have to type the http:// part;
Access adds it for you.) You get a hyperlink control — a clickable label that
displays the text you specified, as shown in Figure 2-5, earlier in this chapter.
In Form view, clicking the label switches to your browser (or runs it, if it’s
not already running) and displays the web page you specified.
Figure 2-6:
Creating a
You can turn an existing label into a hyperlink label by changing its
Hyperlink Address property. In the property sheet for the label control,
click the Format tab, and type a web address in the Hyperlink Address box.
Book IV
Chapter 2
Putting Short Text and Long Text fields in text boxes
To make a text box for a Short Text or Long Text field, drag the field name
from the field list to the place in the form or report where you want the text
box to appear. Alternatively, click the Text Box button in the Controls group
on the Design tab of the Ribbon, and draw an outline where you want the
text box to appear. Access makes a text box the size you indicated, along
with a label control displaying the name of the field (refer to Figure 2-5,
earlier in this chapter). Yes, you get two controls for the price of one!
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