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Breaking Out of the Control Layout
along with it (an associated label) , you can move the label separately by
clicking the gray box in its top-left corner and dragging it.
Figure 2-9:
Drag a
handles to
resize it.
Now that you’re free of the tyranny of the control layout, you can move the
control anywhere you want. On the other hand, getting the control in exactly
the right place can be very tricky. See the next section for help.
You can select the label associated with a control separately from the
control itself. To select only the control and not the label, click the gray box in
the top-left corner of the control. To select only the label, click the gray box
in the label’s top-left corner. This method enables you to move the label
closer to or farther from its control.
To change the size of a control, drag one of the handles to move that edge of
the control. Exactly what happens depends on the control. Some controls,
such as option buttons, can’t be resized. Labels, text boxes, and many other
controls stretch or shrink as you drag their edges.
Neatening your controls
You can spend hours fooling with the formatting of your forms and reports,
moving controls around, getting all the labels to match, and choosing fonts
and colors. (We certainly have!) One important aspect of design is
neatness. Forms are easier to use and reports are easier to read if they look neat
and organized. People can find the information they’re looking for — or the
entries that they need to make — more easily if everything lines up nicely.
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