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Choosing Fonts, Colors, and Other Decorative Touches
Figure 2-12:
dialog box.
3. Click the New Rule button.
You see the New Formatting Rule dialog box, shown in Figure 2-13.
4. Specify whether the condition is based on information in the current
record or other records.
5. In the Edit the Rule Description section, set the drop-down menus to
display the condition.
In Figure 2-13, the condition is that the value of the field is less than 0.
6. Click OK.
You return to the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box,
where the rule you just defined appears.
Figure 2-13:
Creating a
7. Repeat Steps 3–6 to create other rules as needed.
In Figure 2-12, earlier in this chapter, one rule turns negative amounts
red, and another rule turns amounts $100 and over green and boldface.
(You’ll just have to imagine that these figures are in color!)
8. Click OK.
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