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Chapter 1: Introducing Access 2013
Chapter 1: Introducing
Access 2013
In This Chapter
Getting a handle on Microsoft Access
Listing the six types of Access objects
Laying out some essential database concepts
Access is the database-management program, part of the Microsoft
Office suite, that enables you to maintain databases — collections of
data arranged according to a fixed structure. Its structure makes the
information easy to select, sort, display, and print in a variety of formats. With
Access, you can create and maintain as many databases as you need. You
can even share them with other people over a local area network or the
Access works with almost any kind of information. An Access database
can be as simple as a list of addresses to replace your card file. Or you can
create a wine-cellar database with information about each bottle in your
cellar, or a bookstore-inventory database with information about books,
publishers, customers, and special orders. Access can also handle complex
databases that contain many types of information and lots of customized
An Access database can contain lists of records about almost anything, from
sales to sports scores. Unlike a spreadsheet program, Access makes
information in lots of formats easy to display — including alphabetical listings,
formatted reports, mailing labels, and fill-in-the-blank forms.
Access 2013 comes as part of the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional suite
of programs, but it’s also available as a separate, stand-alone product.
Previous versions of Access have been part of previous Office editions —
Access 2010 in Office 2010, Access 2007 in Office 2007, Access 2003 in
Office 2003, Access 2002 in Office XP, and so on. Because Access is part
of Microsoft Office, sharing information with Word documents and Excel
spreadsheets is easy.
In this chapter, we introduce you to the components of an Access database
and explain some key concepts related to developing and using Access
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