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Chapter 3: Creating Smarter Forms
13. Adjust the edges of the control to resize the combo box, and drag its
label to the right place.
We never get the size and position of a combo or list box right the first
time, and Access never puts its label in the right place. Good thing
Access gives us a chance to touch things up a bit! You can drag the
control and its label around the form to the right positions.
When the wizard finishes, you end up with a combo or list box. The next
section describes the properties you may want to change if you don’t like the
way your combo or list box turns out.
Changing the properties of a combo or list box
You’re never stuck with what a wizard creates: You can change the way that
a combo or list box works by editing its properties. Click the Property Sheet
button in the Tools group on the Design tab of the Ribbon to display the
property sheet. The properties you’re most likely to change are shown in
Table 3-1.
Table 3-1
Properties of Combo Boxes and List Boxes
Control Source
Field in the record source in which Access stores the
value that you choose from the combo or list box.
Row Source
Where the items on the list come from: Table/Query ,
Value List , or Field List . (That last option
displays a list of the fields in a table or query.)
Row Source
Source of the current row’s data. If you choose the Table/
Query or Field List option for the Row Source
Type property, enter the name of a table or query (or a SQL
statement). If you choose the Value List setting, type a
list of values separated by semicolons (;).
Column Count
Number of columns to display in the combo or list box.
Column Heads
Whether to display headings for the columns of values.
Widths of the column(s) for the list. If you’ve got more than
one column, separate the widths with semicolons.
Column Widths
Bound Column
Column number in the combo or list box of the column that
gets stored in the control source.
List Rows
Number of rows that appear in the drop-down menu of a
combo box. If the list has more values than this number,
a scroll bar appears so that the user can display more
values. (This property isn’t used for list boxes because
the size of the list box control on the form determines how
many rows appear.)
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