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Designing Cool Looks for Yes/No Fields
Making a group of option buttons for a field requires creating an option
group — a rectangle within which you put an option button for each
possible value of the field. Figure 3-5 shows option buttons in an option group.
Luckily, Access comes with the Option Group Wizard, which you can use to
create the option group and all the option buttons.
Figure 3-5:
An option
an option
button for
each value
that the field
can take.
Before you run the Option Group Wizard, make a note of the values that the
field takes. After the wizard is running, you can’t open another table to see
the values to which the field is limited. You may want to keep the table that
lists the possible values open and visible in the corner of the Access window
while you run the wizard.
Note that option groups work only with integer, numeric values. You can
show any label you want next to each option button, but the value that
Access stores for the option group has to be a whole number. In the option
group shown in Figure 3-5, the actual category codes may be the numbers
1 to 7.
An option group can contain option (radio) buttons, check boxes, or toggle
buttons, but most people expect check boxes and toggle buttons to stand by
themselves, not to be in a group of mutually exclusive options. We
recommend sticking with option buttons in option groups.
To make an option group and option buttons for a field, display your form in
Design view and then follow these steps:
1. Click the Option Group button in the Controls group on the Design tab
of the Ribbon.
2. Click the place on the form where you want the option group to
A plus sign appears at the point that you click, with a small Option
Group icon beside it.
3. Click again to instantiate the option group.
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