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Displaying Attachments
To create a control to display an Attachment field, click the field name in the
field list to select the entire Attachment field. When you drag it to the form,
Access creates an attachment control.
In Form view, the attachment control looks like an empty rectangle for
records, with no attachments stored in the field. If one or more pictures are
stored in the Attachment field for a record, the first picture appears in the
rectangle, as shown in Figure 3-11. If you click the Attachment field, three
buttons appear: Back (to see the preceding attachment for this record, if
any); Next (to see the next attachment for this record, if any); and Manage
Attachments, which displays the Attachments dialog box, shown in Figure 3-12.
(Double-clicking the attachment control displays the dialog box too.)
Figure 3-11:
In Form
view, you
can see the
files for
the current
record one
at a time.
Figure 3-12:
the files
for one
record in an
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