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Creating Tabbed Forms
2. Click the Tab Control button in the Controls group on the Design tab
of the Ribbon.
3. Click the form where you want the top-left corner of the tabs to
Access creates a tab control and two tabs (also called pages) ,
usually named Page1 and Page2 but perhaps named Page9 and Page10, as
shown in Figure 3-14.
Figure 3-14:
tabs on your
4. Drag the edges of the tab control to fix the size of the control.
If you want to move the whole tab control, click the first page (usually,
Page1) so that it’s selected, and drag the black handle that appears in its
top-left corner. You can also drag the handles on the top, bottom, and
sides of the control to resize it.
Book IV
Chapter 3
You can fix up your new tab control as follows:
Rename the pages. Page9 and Page10 probably aren’t what you want to
call your tabs. Click the tab to select the page, display the property
sheet by clicking the Property Sheet button on the Ribbon, and change
the Name property on the property sheet.
Add, delete, or reorder the pages. If you want to have more than two
pages, right-click the tab control (or any of its pages) and choose the
Insert Page option from the contextual menu. To delete a page, select
it, right-click it, and choose the Delete Page option from the contextual
menu. To switch the order of the pages, right-click any of the pages and
choose the Page Order option from the contextual menu; in the Page
Order dialog box that appears, click the Move Up and Move Down
buttons to reorganize the list of pages.
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