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You Can’t Type That Here!
Put controls on the pages. This part is the good part: You can drag
existing controls from the rest of the form, or you can create new
controls on the form in the same way that you create controls for the rest of
the form. Click the page on which you want to put the controls so that
the page appears “on top.” Then move or create the controls you want.
Figure 3-15 shows a form with three tabs in Design view.
Figure 3-15:
This tab
pages, and
each page
You Can’t Type That Here!
The main purpose of forms is to provide easy-to-use onscreen display and
editing for your records. Most people use forms rather than datasheets for
entering and editing data.
Book II, Chapter 5 describes how to create defaults and validation rules for
your tables to prevent the dreaded “garbage in, garbage out” syndrome that
so many databases suffer from. You can add validation to your form
controls, too.
Use validation in your tables when you want data to follow rules all the time,
no matter how it’s entered. Use validation in form controls when you want
to validate one field against another or to do validation that applies only at
certain times (such as when someone is using the form). You may want to
make sure, for example, that the Ship Date can’t be earlier than the Order
Date, which you can’t enforce using field validation in the table design.
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