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Making a Main Menu for Your Database
button, select Form Operations and Open Form to open a form, or select
Report Operations and Preview Report to display a report that can be
printed. The result could be something that looks like Figure 3-17.
Figure 3-17:
You can use
a regular
form with
lots of
buttons as a
main menu
Opening a form automatically
when the database opens
Now that you have a main menu, wouldn’t it be nice to have it open
automatically when the database opens? It’s easy:
1. Click the File tab on the Ribbon to see Backstage View.
2. Click Options to see the Access Options dialog box.
3. Click the Current Database button on the left side of the dialog box.
4. Set the Display Form option to the name of the form you want to open.
Book IV
Chapter 3
5. Click OK.
Access warns you that you need to close and open the database for this
change to take effect. Good enough!
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