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Using a Split Form to Display a Datasheet
To make it clear which text boxes are editable, we like to make calculated
text boxes look different from the text boxes we type in. We recommend that
you display the Format tab of the property sheet for each calculated control
and make the following changes:
Set the Back Style property to Transparent so that the background
of the calculated value matches the background of the form itself.
Set the Special Effect property to Flat so that the value doesn’t
appear in a box at all.
Using a Split Form to Display a Datasheet
A split form is a form that displays a datasheet of the records from the
record source, usually at the bottom of the form. A split form enables you to
browse through the records in datasheet format and at the same time have a
detailed view of each record as you browse.
The easiest way to create a split form is to follow these steps:
1. Select the table or query that you want to be the record source of the
main form by clicking it in the Navigation Pane.
For this example, click the Orders table. (The Order Details table will be
the record source of the datasheet, but that step comes later.)
2. Click the More Forms button in the Forms group on the Create tab of
the Ribbon and then choose Split Form from the menu that appears.
Access creates a new split form in Layout view. A regular-looking form
appears at the top, with a control for each field in the record source,
and a datasheet appears at the bottom, as shown in Figure 4-3.
Figure 4-3:
A split form
shows a
datasheet of
the record
plus a form
one record.
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