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Using a Subform to Display Detail Records
Figure 4-6:
Tell the
how the
records in
the subform
relate to
the records
in the main
Figure 4-7:
In Design
view, the
but it looks
in Form
view as a
Book IV
Chapter 4
The subform may look totally wrong in Design view but fine in Form view.
The subform appears in Datasheet view when the main form is in Form view,
so the exact placement of the controls, the background color, and other
features don’t matter.
To adjust the column widths of the subform, which usually is in Datasheet
view, just drag the column dividers left or right in Form view. After you have
nice-looking columns, switch the main form back to Design view and adjust
the width of the subform control until it’s the right size to fit your columns.
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