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Creating Reports Automatically
Table 1-1
Creating Reports with Reports-Group Buttons
What It Does
Where to Find
More Info
Creates a quick and
easy report for the
table, query, or form
you have open or
selected. You can
customize the report later.
Book IV,
Chapter 1
Report Design
Allows you to design
your own report from
scratch, in Design
Book IV,
Chapter 2
Blank Report
Allows you to design
your own report from
scratch, in Layout
Book IV,
Chapter 1
Report Wizard
Walks you through the
creation of a report,
helping you choose
fields from multiple
tables and queries.
You can use Design
or Layout view later to
make changes.
the Report
later in this
Creates a report to
print data from one
table or query on
Book V,
Chapter 2
Making the easiest possible report
You can click the Report button to create a report by using the data from a
single table or query. This button doesn’t give you any options, but it makes
a report in just a second or two.
To create a report based on a table or query, follow these steps:
1. In the Navigation Pane, choose the table, query, or form from which
you want the data to come.
The report will include all the fields in this table, query, or form. (After
you create the report, you can delete the controls for the fields that you
don’t want to appear on the report.)
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