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Editing Reports in Layout and Design View
Figure 1-7:
Choose a
Block, or
layout, as
well as
Portrait or
16. Type a title for the report.
17. Choose whether to display the report in Print Preview or go to Design
view to modify the report.
18. Click Finish.
The title appears at the top of the report. The Report Wizard takes a
moment to create the report and then displays it in the view you chose
in Step 17.
The report may look close to perfect, or it may look like a complete wreck.
The customer-order report as created by the Report Wizard contains some
of the right information, but it may look lousy. Luckily, you can switch to
Layout or Design view to fix it, as we discuss in the next section.
Editing Reports in Layout and Design View
Access provides two views for creating and modifying the design of reports,
just as it does for forms:
Layout view shows your report with data in it. You can use it to move
information around and to add or remove information. See Book IV,
Chapter 1 for information on editing reports in Layout view, including
how control layouts keep information neatly in rows and columns.
Design view is the traditional Access tool that enables you to make all
kinds of changes in your report. Book IV, Chapter 2 describes how to
use Design view. Figure 1-8 shows a report in Design view.
You can modify your report in many ways, some of which work just as
they do when you modify a form. Check out the following list for some of
the ways:
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