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Creating and Managing Report Sections
Book V
Chapter 1
Figure 1-9:
The printed
grouped by
and order.
When you use the Report Wizard to create, you get a section for each field
on which you grouped the records. When you create a report from scratch
in Design view, Access gives you just the Page Header, Detail, and Page
Footer sections. You can add or delete sections in Design view, as described
in the following section titled Adding page headers, footers, and numbers.
You can also adjust the sizes of sections by dragging the section dividers up
and down.
You can’t delete the Detail section, but you can leave it blank if you want a
summary report with subtotals and totals but no data for individual records.
Drag its bottom edge (the top of the next section divider) up to shrink the
section to nothing. (In Figure 1-8, earlier in this chapter, for example, the
Page Header section is reduced to almost nothing.)
Setting report and section properties
Like most Access objects, each section and control in your report has
properties — and so does the entire report itself. You can display and
change the properties on the property sheet (see Figure 1-10).
You have two ways to display the property sheet for the whole report:
Click the report selector (the white box in the top-left corner of the
Design View window).
Click the Property Sheet button in the Tools group on the Design tab of
the Ribbon to display the property sheet, and choose Report from the
Selection Type drop-down menu.
Click the tabs to see the different categories of properties, or click the All
tab to see all of them. Click a property to change it.
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