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Creating and Managing Report Sections
Header, OrderID Header, OrderID Footer, and ContactID Footer sections (in
that order).
Book V
Chapter 1
To see and change your grouping sections, open the report in Design or
Layout view, and click the Group & Sort button in the Grouping & Totals
group on the Design tab of the Ribbon. Access displays the Group, Sort, and
Total pane, shown in Figure 1-12. You see any fields that are currently used
for sorting or grouping the records on your report. If more than one field
appears, the topmost field is the major grouping, and the other fields are
Figure 1-12:
The Group,
Sort, and
Total pane
defines how
the records
in your report
are grouped
for subtotals.
Adding a group
To add a group, follow these steps:
1. Display the Group, Sort, and Total pane as described in the preceding
2. Click the Add a Group button.
3. Choose a field from the Field/Expression drop-down menu to add a
section (grouping).
You see a list of the fields in the record source for your report. After you
select a field, Access automatically uses an ascending sort (with A at the
top) for the new field. You can choose expression if you want to group
on a calculated value.
When you choose a field, Access adds a Group on line to the Group,
Sort, and Total pane for this grouping, and it adds a Grouping Header to
the report design. The Group on line includes drop-down menus of
settings you can use to customize the grouping. The exact settings depend
on the type of data in the field; different settings are available for Text,
Number, and Date fields.
4. Customize the group as described in the next section.
You can sort in ascending or descending order, group by ranges of
values rather than individual values, and make other changes.
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