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Creating and Managing Report Sections
5. Close the Group, Sort, and Total pane by clicking the X button in its
top-right corner.
Customizing your groups
You can customize how each group works in various ways by using the
Group, Sort, and Total pane (refer to Figure 1-12, earlier in this chapter).
Click the More button to the right of the field name to see your additional
options (see Figure 1-13), which vary depending on the data type of the field.
(When the additional options are shown, you can click the Less button to
hide them again.)
Figure 1-13:
In the
Sort, and
Total pane,
you can
your groups.
Here are some changes that you can make for each group:
Sort the field in descending order. Click the down arrow next to from
smallest to largest (which appears for Number fields), from
oldest to newest (which appears for Date fields), or with A on
top (which appears for Text fields). Then choose from largest to
smallest, from newest to oldest, or with Z on top.
Group on each individual value of the field or ranges of values. Click
the down arrow next to by entire value, and choose the range you
want. You see different options for Text, Number, and Date fields.
Display subtotals and totals. Click the down arrow next to with no
totals, and choose whether you want to use summary statistics, which
can include totals, averages, minimum, maximum, or counts for each
group or for the whole report. See “Calculating group subtotals and
report totals,” later in this chapter, for more information.
Add a title. Click the click to add link next to with title, and
enter a title.
Hide or display headers and footers for the group. Click the down
arrows next to with(out) a header section and with(out) a
footer section, and make your choices.
Control page breaks. Click the down arrow next to do not keep
group together on one page, and make your choice.
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