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Creating and Managing Report Sections
You can sort by a calculated value that isn’t one of the fields in the record
source of the report. Choose expression in the Sort By section of the
Group, Sort, and Total pane, and enter an expression. (See Book III, Chapter
2 for an introduction to expressions.) If you print a list of products, you may
want to sort them by profit margin — by [Selling Price] – [Purchase
Calculating group subtotals and report totals
If you use the Report Wizard to create a report, and you click the Summary
Options button to request sums, averages, minimum values, or maximum
values for each group, you already have subtotals and totals on your report.
Alternatively, you can make them yourself in Design view.
In the Group, Sort, and Total pane (refer to Figure 1-12, earlier in this
chapter), you can display subtotals and totals in your report for the group. On
the line for the grouping, click the down arrow next to with no totals,
and choose whether you want to use summary statistics, which can include
totals, averages, minimum, maximum, or counts for each group or for the
whole report. Set these options:
Total On: This field is the one that you want to summarize on (total
count and so on), and usually, it isn’t the same field that you’re
grouping on. If you’re grouping on Contact ID (customer), you may want to
total the ExtPrice field (price × quantity of each item ordered).
Type: Choose what calculation you want Access to do. Your options
are Sum, Average, Count Records (all records), Count Values (differ-
ent values of this field), Maximum, Minimum, Standard Deviation, and
Variance. (The last two are statistical analyses.)
Show Grand Total: Choose this option to include a total at the bottom
or top of the report.
Show Group Subtotal As % of Grand Total: Choose this option to
include a calculated field for each group, showing the percentage of all
records in the report that the group represents.
Show Subtotal in Group Header: Choose this option to include a
calculated field in the header for each group, using the total, average or
whatever type calculation you chose.
Show Subtotal in Group Footer: This option is the same as Show
Subtotal in Group Header, but it affects the footer for each group (where
totals usually appear).
In the group footer section, Access creates a text box control for each sum,
count, or other summary information that you want to print. Alternatively,
you can make these controls yourself. To print totals and counts for the
entire report, make a text box in the Report Header or Report Footer section;
then type an expression in the Control Source property for the text box,
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