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Copying Forms to Reports
Making a subreport
Subreports work just like subforms do (see Book IV, Chapter 4). To create a
subreport, whether bound or unbound, follow these steps:
Book V
Chapter 1
1. Create and save the report that you plan to use as a subreport.
To make the report shown in Figures 1-14 and 1-15, earlier in this
chapter, you make one report appear as the unbound subreport, with the
My Business table as its record source. You create another report as
the bound subreport, with the Order Details table as its record source.
When you preview the report by itself, Access displays all the records
in the record source. When a report serves as a subreport, however,
Access restricts the records whenever the subreport prints, printing
only the records that match the current record in the main report.
When you create this report, nothing about it says “subreport.” Any
report can be used as a subreport. We like to use the word subreport in
the names of reports that never print on their own; they exist only as
subreports of other reports.
2. Open the main report in Design view.
3. Make space for the subreport control (also called a Subreport/
Subform control) in the Detail section of the report.
Drag your other controls out of the way.
4. In the Navigation Pane, scroll down to the Reports section.
This step gets you ready to drag the subreport to the Design View
5. Select the subreport-to-be in the Reports list in the Navigation Pane,
and drag it to the place in the report where you want it to appear.
Access creates a subreport control on the main report containing the
report you selected. The Source Object property for the subreport
control contains the name of the report that you dragged.
6. Delete the label that Access created for the subreport if you don’t
like it.
Access creates a label for the subreport with the name of the report, but
you can select and delete it if you want to.
7. Move and size the subreport control.
Drag the control to the location where you want it, and drag its edges to
adjust its size.
8. Click the subreport control and then click the Property Sheet button
in the Tools group on the Design tab of the Ribbon to display the
property sheet for the subreport control.
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