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Viewing Your Reports Onscreen
When you set the Can Shrink property of a control to Yes, Access doesn’t
automatically change the Can Shrink property of the section that contains
the control. Leave the Can Shrink properties of the Detail section set to No
if the Detail section must always be the same size, as with mailing labels or
other preprinted forms. Otherwise, set these properties to Yes.
Viewing Your Reports Onscreen
Report view displays your report on the screen as it will appear on paper,
except without page breaks, headers, and footers, as shown in Figure 1-17.
You can’t edit the data in the report (that’s what forms are for), but you
can use the report to find information that you’re looking for. The Home
tab of the Ribbon includes most of the same Sort & Filter, Records, and
Find groups of buttons that you can use when you’re viewing records in
Datasheet view (see Book II, Chapter 3).
Figure 1-17:
Your report
will look just
like this on
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