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Chapter 2: Printing Beautiful Reports
Chapter 2: Printing
Beautiful Reports
In This Chapter
Previewing your report onscreen
Choosing which printer to print on
Controlling report margins and page orientation
Making reports that print mailing labels
Saving Access reports in other Office formats
E-mailing reports with Outlook
After you create a good-looking report onscreen, the next step is seeing
whether it looks good on paper or in a PDF file that simulates paper.
To make it perfect (okay, close to perfect), you have to be able to control
how the printer prints the report. This chapter describes page formats,
margins, and other printer settings, as well as how to print mailing labels and
export your reports to other Office programs.
Viewing Your Report
You can see how the printed report will look before you spend the time,
paper, and ink or toner to print it. You can use Report view to see your
report (as described in Chapter 1 of this minibook), but that view doesn’t
include page breaks, page headers, or page footers, so you don’t get a true
idea of how the report will look on paper. Using Print Preview, you can see
onscreen whether your controls are positioned as you want them, whether
the right information appears in each control, and whether your headers
and footers appear correctly.
To see how your report looks in Print Preview, try any of the following
Double-click the report name in the Navigation Pane to open it. If its
default view is Print Preview, there you are!
With the report open in any other view, right-click the report’s tab and
choose Print Preview from the contextual menu.
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