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Chapter 2: Printing Beautiful Reports
With the report open in any other view, click the small Print Preview
icon in the bottom-right section of the Access status bar.
With the report open in any other view, click the bottom of the View
button in the Views group on the Home tab of the Ribbon, and choose
Print Preview from the drop-down menu. (If the View button shows the
Print Preview icon, you can just click the button.)
Click the File tab on the Ribbon to see Backstage View, and choose
Print Print Preview.
The report appears in Print Preview, showing you the top of the first page of
your report (see Figure 2-1).
You can display almost any Access object in Print Preview and then print it.
When you’re looking at a table in Datasheet view or a form in Form view, you
can access Print Preview by clicking the File tab on the Ribbon and choosing
Print Print Preview. Reports have more formatting options than any other
type of objects in Access, but sometimes datasheets and forms are worth
printing too.
You can also set page and print options in Design view by clicking buttons
on the Page Setup tab of the Ribbon, as shown in Figure 2-2.
Print Preview is different from most other views in that it takes over Access.
Only the File and Print Preview tabs are visible on the Ribbon. When you’re
done previewing (and possibly printing) the report, you can click the Close
Print Preview button at the right end of the Print tab of the Ribbon to close
the report.
Figure 2-1:
A report
in Print
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