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Formatting the Page
Book V
Chapter 2
Figure 2-4:
your printer.
Setting margins, paper size, and paper orientation
Following are other print settings that you can configure from the Print
Preview tab of the Ribbon:
Margins: Click the Margins button in the Page Size group, and choose
Normal, Wide, or Narrow from the drop-down menu. If you’ve set the
margins in the Page Setup dialog box, Custom Setting will be selected.
Paper orientation: Click the Portrait button in the Page Layout group
to print normally on the page, or click the Landscape button to print
Paper size: Click the Size button in the Page Size group, and choose your
paper size from the drop-down menu.
Columns: Most people use columns only for printing mailing labels,
but you can set any report to print in two or more columns. Click the
Columns button to display the Page Setup dialog box with the Columns
tab selected. Then choose the number of columns, the spacing, and the
orientation of records (whether records print across the columns and
then down to a next row, or down the page and then up to the
next column).
If you end up wanting to change the margins for almost every report you
create, you can change the default margins for all new reports. Click the
File tab of the Ribbon, choose Options Client Settings, scroll down to the
Printing section, and change the default margin settings shown in Figure 2-5.
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