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Printing the Report
Alternatively, look at the Width property of the report in the property
sheet. (Double-click the gray box in the top-left corner of the report in
Design view, where the rulers meet, to display the property sheet for the
form.) This property is on the Format tab of the property sheet.
6. If the report is too wide to fit on the page, drag the right edge of the
report leftward.
If the edge won’t move, a control extends to the right of where you want
the page to end. Move or shrink any control that extends too far to the
right, and move the right edge of the report to the left. Alternatively,
change the Width property of the report. If you can’t find the control
that’s in the way, use your mouse to select the apparently empty area
of the report grid. An orange border appears, showing what has been
selected — frequently (in our experience) a horizontal line.
Another possible reason for blank pages is an incorrect setting for the
Force New Page property of one of the sections of the report. See
“Controlling page breaks,” earlier in this chapter, for information on
controlling page breaks before or after groups.
Printing only the data
If you’re printing on a form rather than on blank sheets of paper, you can
design a report that looks like the form, including labels and lines that match
the form. When you print the report, you can skip printing the labels and
lines, and print only the data. In Print Preview, select the Print Data Only
check box in the Page Size group on the Print Preview tab of the Ribbon.
Access updates Print Preview to show only your report data.
Printing the Report
After you have your page and margin options set, you’re ready to risk
wasting paper to print your report. You can print your report when it’s open in
Print Preview, open in Design view, or not open at all.
Printing on an actual printer
Open the report in Print Preview. Then click the Print button on the Print
Preview tab of the Ribbon, click the File tab of the Ribbon, and choose
Print Print. Alternatively, you can simply press Ctrl+P. Access displays the
Print dialog box, shown in Figure 2-4, earlier in this chapter (the same Print
dialog box that most Microsoft programs display). Click the Setup button if
you want to take a look at the Page Setup dialog box. Click the printer name
if you want to choose a different printer. Otherwise, click OK to send your
report to the printer.
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