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Creating Mailing Labels
Running the Label Wizard
To run the Label Wizard, follow these steps:
Book V
Chapter 2
1. In the Navigation Pane, select the table or query that contains the
information you want to print on your labels.
2. Click the Labels button in the Reports group on the Create tab of
the Ribbon.
You see the Label Wizard, as shown in Figure 2-8.
Figure 2-8:
The Label
knows the
sizes and
shapes of
most sheets
of labels.
3. Select the type of label in the Product Number list.
4. (Optional) To see nondefault labels, make a different choice from the
Filter by Manufacturer drop-down menu.
Access normally shows the labels according to the numbers assigned by
Avery, a major manufacturer of labels.
5. Select a label type.
If you plan to print continuous-feed labels (the sheets are connected)
rather than individual sheets of labels, select the Continuous radio
button instead of Sheet Feed.
6. (Optional) If you’re printing on custom-printed labels, click the
Customize button to open the New Label Size dialog box, click the
New button in that dialog box, and tell Access about your labels.
7. Click Next to move to the next wizard window.
8. Choose the font, font size, weight (light, normal, or bold, among
others), and color; then click Next.
Access uses these settings for the text boxes in the report.
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