Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Chapter 2: Getting Started, Getting Around
Figure 2-1:
displays lots
of options
for creating
a new
Choosing whether to update Office automatically
The first time you run any Office 2013 program,
you see the Welcome to Microsoft Office 2013
dialog box.
Like Windows itself, Microsoft Office can
download and install updates automatically.
Both the Use Recommended Settings and
Install Updates Only settings tell Office to
receive new updates whenever Microsoft
makes them available. The first option also
enables these features:
Online help: The help system includes
information from http://office. , where Microsoft
posts updated support information.
Diagnostic programs: Office may
download and install small program files that
help diagnose problems.
Customer Experience Improvement
Program: You’re signed up for Microsoft’s
Customer Experience Improvement
Program, which enables the company
to collect anonymous information about
how you and millions of other people use
Microsoft software so that Microsoft can
make new versions even better.
Choose Use Recommended Settings or Install
Updates Only, depending how you feel about
these three additional features.
Avoid that last setting, however. Don’t Make
Changes prevents you from getting security
updates that you may need to keep your
computer virus-free.
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