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Displaying Information with Charts
9. Double-click a field’s box to open the Group or Summarize dialog box,
and specify how the data is to be grouped or totaled.
Book V
Chapter 3
For date fields, the Group dialog box (shown on the left side of Figure 3-5)
shows your options. The Summarize dialog box (shown on the right side
of Figure 3-5) shows how you can combine values for a numeric field.
Figure 3-5:
how a date
field is
grouped or
a numeric
field is
10. Click the Preview Chart button in the top-left corner of the window to
see how your chart looks so far, and click the Close button to return to
the Chart Wizard window.
The Sample Preview window helps you figure out whether you chose the
right fields for the X-Axis, Y-Axis, and Series settings.
11. Repeat Steps 8–10 until the chart looks right.
If you omitted fields that you need, you can click the Back button to
return to earlier questions that the wizard asked.
12. When everything looks the way you want it, click Next.
In the next window, Chart Wizard asks whether you want the chart to
change from record to record (see Figure 3-6). Typically, you do.
Figure 3-6:
The Chart
Wizard asks
you want to
change from
record to
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