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Displaying Information with Charts
The key to creating bar charts with the Chart Wizard is specifying the right
fields for the Axis, Data, and Series settings — the field selections discussed
in “Creating charts with the Chart Wizard,” earlier in this chapter. Keep
reading to find out how the X-Axis, Y-Axis, Data, and Series settings work.
The X-Axis setting
For graphs with vertical bars (or other vertical shapes), set X-Axis to the
field that determines the labels that run along the bottom of the graph. For
horizontal bar graphs, the x-axis runs up the left side of the graph. This
setting also determines what bars sprout up from the x-axis. A bar graph has
one bar (or group of bars) for each value (or range of values) of the X-Axis
Figure 3-8 shows two bar charts: one vertical (select Column Chart to get
this particular chart type) and one horizontal (select Bar Chart for this one).
The X-Axis setting in Figure 3-8 is the Order Date field, and the Y-Axis
setting is the Qty field.
Figure 3-8:
Vertical and
bar charts,
Date as
the X-Axis
If you use a Date/Time field for the X-Axis setting, you can choose to group
the dates in time periods such as a month or year. The X-Axis setting in the
Chart Wizard window tells you how Access plans to group the information
by date. An Order Date field may appear as “Order Date by month”
(refer to Figure 3-4, earlier in this chapter). To change the grouping,
doubleclick the X-Axis field to display the Group dialog box, shown in the dialog
box on the left side of Figure 3-5, earlier in this chapter. You can choose
to group your data by year, quarter, month, and so on. The Group dialog
box also allows you to choose to limit the values plotted on your graph to
values within a specified date range. Just select the Use Data Between check
box and enter the beginning and end dates you want for your chart. Access
ignores records with dates outside that range.
You can’t control how numeric or text values are grouped or limit their
ranges on the graph.
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