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Displaying Information with Charts
then connects the dots. An area chart is basically the same thing, but Access
colors the area below the line, as shown in Figure 3-12. Line and area charts
appear on the third row of buttons in Figure 3-3, earlier in the chapter. (All
the buttons in that row except the last one create line and area charts.)
Book V
Chapter 3
Figure 3-11:
The Axis
sales dates
grouped by
month, the
Data field
contains the
values of
the products
sold, and the
Series field
contains the
Code .
Figure 3-12:
Line and
area charts
work the
same way
that bar
charts do.
In a line or area chart, the X-Axis series defines the labels that run along the
bottom of the graph, and the Y-Axis series defines the distance from the
bottom of the chart up to each dot that the lines connect. If you have two or
more Y-Axis series, a line chart shows a line for each series, as shown in the
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