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Changing Your Charts
Changing Your Charts
The Chart Wizard can’t make all the types of charts that Microsoft Graph can
draw. It can’t even make all the charts that the Excel Chart Wizard can make.
Wouldn’t you think that these two wizards would get together sometime
and compare notes? Luckily, you can change the settings of a chart after the
wizard creates it. You can fix charts that don’t look quite right, as well as
create charts that the Chart Wizard doesn’t know about.
Book V
Chapter 3
To modify a chart, you change the properties of the chart control on the
report that contains the chart. This section gives you a general idea of how
to modify a chart after you make it; the next three sections provide more
Modifying an existing chart
To modify an existing chart, follow these steps:
1. Open the report that contains the chart in Design view.
To do so, right-click the report in the Navigation Pane and choose
Design View from the contextual menu.
If the report is open in Print Preview, click the down arrow on the View
button and choose Design view from the drop-down menu.
You see the report in Design view, including the chart control that
defines the chart.
In Design view, the chart control displays sample data, not the actual
data. Don’t worry — Access hasn’t forgotten the actual data that you
want to plot. Just switch to Print Preview to see the real chart.
2. Click the chart control to select it.
Now you can drag it to a different location in the report or resize it.
You can tell when the chart control is selected because a selected
control sprouts handles — little squares in the corners and on the sides.
Drag anywhere in the middle of the chart control to move the chart.
Drag a handle to resize the chart control. The handles are the little black
squares at the four corners and the midpoints of the four edges.
When the chart control is selected, click the Property Sheet button on
the toolbar to display the property sheet, which is shown in Figure 3-16.
In the property sheet, you can change configuration settings for the
graph, as described in the next three sections.
The chart control appears as an Unbound Object Frame because the
chart frame contains information that comes from another program:
Microsoft Graph. The chart control is unbound because it’s not
connected to the records in a table or query.
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