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Changing Your Charts
Figure 3-16:
A chart
control and
sheet in
3. Double-click the chart control to start the Microsoft Graph program.
When Microsoft Graph is running, the chart control appears with a
hashed line around it, as shown in Figure 3-17. Your Microsoft Access
Ribbon goes away and is replaced by the Microsoft Graph menus and
toolbars. The next three sections describe what some of the buttons on
these toolbars do.
Microsoft Graph also displays a datasheet containing the sample data that
it uses to make the graph that appears in Design view. Editing this sample
data changes the chart in Design view. It’s important to remember,
however, that editing the sample data has absolutely no effect on the real
chart that appears in Print Preview (or on the data in the database).
Click the View Datasheet button to get rid of the datasheet, or drag it out
of the way.
4. Make changes in your chart, as described in the next three sections.
5. Exit Microsoft Graph by clicking the report in Design view, outside the
chart control.
The extra toolbars disappear, the funny border around the control
disappears, and you return to Access.
6. Click the View button to see how your graph looks in Print Preview.
7. Repeat Steps 4–6 until you have the chart the way you want it.
8. Save the report.
When you save the report that contains the chart control, you also save
the changes you made in the control.
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