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Changing Your Charts
Book V
Chapter 3
Figure 3-17:
Graph is
you may not
know it.
The next three sections describe changes you can make in your chart. You
make some of these changes in the property sheet for the chart control; you
make others by clicking buttons on the various Microsoft Graph toolbars;
and you make still others by giving commands while Microsoft Graph is
running. (Don’t worry — we let you know when to do what.)
Formatting charts with colors, legends, and titles
The Chart Options dialog box, shown in Figure 3-18, enables you to change
the titles, axis labels, gridlines, legends, data labels (which appear on the
graph itself), and data table placement. To display it, first double-click the
chart control in the Design View window to get Microsoft Graph up and
running; then choose Chart Chart Options.
Here are some other ways that you can format your graph when Microsoft
Graph is running (that is, when the chart control has a hatched border):
Background color: Click part of the graph, click the down arrow on the
Fill Color button on the standard toolbar, and choose a color from the
drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can right-click the plot area (the
graph itself) or a blank part of the chart and choose Format Chart/Plot
Area from the contextual menu.
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