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Changing Your Charts
Type of chart: If you want to switch from a bar chart to a line chart or
from one kind of bar chart to another kind of bar chart, or if you want
to make one of the types of charts that the Chart Wizard doesn’t even
know about, click the down arrow on the Chart Type button and choose
a different type of chart from the drop-down menu. For more options,
choose Chart Chart Type, or right-click the chart control and choose a
Chart Type option from the contextual menu.
Book V
Chapter 3
Axes: Because Microsoft Graph treats your data as though it were
stored in a spreadsheet — graphing the data row by row or column by
column — switching which field is represented along which axis of the
chart is pretty easy. To see other ways of representing your data on the
same type of graph, just click the By Row and By Column buttons on the
standard toolbar.
Save your chart first, in case you don’t like the results. Switching your
chart back to its original format isn’t always easy.
Trendline: If your graph shows information over time (a Date/Time field
is shown along one axis), you can add a trendline, which shows the
general direction of growth or decline in the numbers. To add a trendline,
choose Chart Add Trendline.
3-D View: Choose 3-D View on the Chart tab of Microsoft Graph, and use it
to rotate a 3-D view around an axis or change the scale. Figure 3-19 shows
the 3-D View dialog box that you can use to perform these operations.
Figure 3-19:
3-D View
dialog box.
Changing which data is charted
If you want to change the fields included in the chart, you can change the
Row Source setting of the chart control. Display the property sheet for the
chart control by single-clicking (not double-clicking) the chart control in
Design view and then clicking the Property Sheet button in the Tools group
on the Design tab of the Ribbon. (Microsoft Graph can’t be running at the
time. To exit Microsoft Graph, click the report outside the chart control.)
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