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Changing Your Charts
The Row Source setting (on the property sheet’s Data tab) may contain a
SQL statement that describes the fields to be graphed. (See Book VIII,
Chapter 5 for information about SQL.) You can change the statement by
clicking the Row Source setting and then clicking the Build button to its
right. Set Row Source Type to Table/Query; click the Row Source
setting; and then click the Build button (an ellipsis […] button). You see a
Query Builder tab, which looks just like Design view for queries. Each
column in the Query by Example (QBE) grid corresponds to a field in the
graph, although the exact number and use of the columns depend on the
type of the chart. Book III describes how to create queries with QBE.
If you make changes in the query, Access asks whether you want to save
your changes when you close the window. (To save before closing the
window, press Ctrl+S or click the Save button on the Quick Access toolbar.)
When you switch the report containing the chart control to Print Preview,
you see the results of your changes.
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