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Introducing Macros
Runs an Access menu command.
Runs another macro. When the other macro finishes
running, the first macro continues with the next action.
Saves the current record.
Selects the object that you specify.
Sets the property of a control, field, or other object to the
value you specify (which can be an expression).
Removes any filter from the current table, query, or form.
Book VI
Chapter 1
You have at least three ways to add an action to a macro in Design view:
Click the Add New Action box at the bottom of the macro, and select an
action in the alphabetical list of actions.
Double-click an action in the Action Catalog.
Click an action in the Action Catalog, and drag it where you want to add
it in the list of actions in your macro.
Either way, Access adds this new action to your macro and displays a form
with space for information about the action (see Figure 1-2).
Figure 1-2:
Macros can
have lots
of actions.
Click one
to enter its
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