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Making Friends with the Access Window
The Ribbon presents buttons in labeled groups separated by vertical lines. The
Home tab of the Ribbon shown in Figure 2-2, for example, contains the Views,
Clipboard, Sort & Filter, Records, Find, and Text Formatting groups. In this
book, we might tell you something like this: “Click the Filter button in the
Sort & Filter group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.” To find that button, click
the Home tab on the Ribbon, find the Sort & Filter group on that tab, and
then find the Filter button within that group.
Every button has a descriptive tooltip. If you hover the mouse pointer over a
button, you see the tooltip, which displays the name of the button, a keyboard
shortcut that you can press instead of clicking the button (press Ctrl+F
instead of clicking the Find button, for example), and a brief description of
what the button does.
Sometimes, a group contains so many buttons that all the buttons don’t fit
on the Ribbon. In such a case, the group has a little arrow in its bottom-right
corner. (To see an example, take a look at the Clipboard group in Figure 2-2,
earlier in this chapter.) Click that arrow to see the rest of the buttons —
usually in a dialog box that pops up.
Minimizing the Ribbon
The Ribbon takes up lots of screen space. To minimize it, double-click
the active tab, press Ctrl+F1, or click the Minimize the Ribbon button (the
upward-pointing caret in the bottom-right corner of the Ribbon). You can
change what the Ribbon displays by right-clicking a tab and then choosing
Customize the Ribbon from the contextual menu that pops up.
You can use keyboard shortcuts (covered near the end of this chapter)
while the Ribbon is minimized.
Hiding and showing the Ribbon
The Ribbon rolls up after you click any button. Click any Ribbon tab to
redisplay it.
To redisplay the Ribbon for good, click the Minimize the Ribbon button
again, press Ctrl+F1 again, or double-click a Ribbon tab.
The Quick Access toolbar
Toolbars aren’t completely gone! Access still displays a small Quick Access
toolbar (shown in Figure 2-2, earlier in this chapter) immediately above the
left end of the Ribbon.
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