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Introducing Mission Control: The Navigation Pane
The Quick Access toolbar includes three of the most commonly used buttons
in Access:
Book I
Chapter 2
Save: Saves changes to the current object. (How long will Microsoft
continue to use a floppy-disk icon to mean Save, even though most of us
haven’t touched a floppy disk in years?)
Undo: Undoes the last undoable action.
Redo: Redoes the last redoable action.
You can easily customize the Quick Access toolbar. Follow these steps:
1. Click the fourth button from the left: the down arrow.
A list of buttons that you can add to the Quick Access toolbar appears.
2. Choose any command (Open, Quick Print, and so on) to add its button
to the toolbar.
If you don’t see the command that you want to add, find its button on the
Ribbon, right-click it, and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar from the
contextual menu. If you can’t find the appropriate button on the Ribbon, add
it to the toolbar by choosing More Commands from the Customize Quick
Access Toolbar menu. The Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu drops
down when you click the down arrow at the right end of the Quick Access
Introducing Mission Control: The Navigation Pane
The Navigation Pane — the area on the left edge of the Access window below
the heading, which could be All Access Objects, Tables, Queries, or something
else (refer to Figure 2-2, earlier in this chapter) — is the table of contents for
your database. From it, you can open any table, query, form, report, macro,
or VBA module in the database simply by double-clicking the object’s name.
When you right-click an object in the Navigation Pane, you can choose
commands from the contextual menu to open the object in an alternative view;
change its name; copy, delete, import, export, hide, or display it; and view the
object’s properties.
Press F11 to toggle the display of the Navigation Pane, which can roll up
into a narrow vertical ribbon. You can also toggle the display by clicking the
Shutter Bar Open/Close button (such an egregiously long term for such a
tiny button!), which is the double arrow in the top-right corner of the pane
(refer to Figure 2-2, earlier in this chapter).
You can make the Navigation Pane narrower or wider by dragging its right
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