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Making Backups
3. Click the Access button in the Export group on the External Data tab
of the Ribbon.
You see the Export – Access Database dialog box.
4. Click the Browse button, and locate and select the backup database
you created.
Refer to the preceding section, “Creating a blank database.”
5. Click Save to return to the Export – Access Database dialog box and
then click OK.
You see the Export dialog box, shown in Figure 1-1.
Figure 1-1:
You can
export a
single table,
form, or
other object
from one
database to
6. Choose whether to export only the structure or the data, too, if you’re
exporting a table.
Select the Definition and Data option if you want to include all the
records in the table, or select the Definition Only option if you want a
blank table with no records. For backup purposes, go with Definition
and Data.
7. Click OK.
Access creates a duplicate object in the backup database with the same
information stored in the current database. Then it asks whether you
want to save these export states so that you can back up in the same
manner later.
8. If you plan to back up this object regularly, click the Save Export Steps
check box; if not, leave the check box deselected.
9. Click Close.
If you chose in Step 8 to save your steps, one more dialog box appears,
asking for a name and description for the saved task (see Figure 1-2).
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